About us

Two brothers who got fascinated by street food cuisine decided to open a restaurant in 2017. We had a mission: to create a place in the very heart of Cieszyn where everyone including families, party-goers and any other hungry guys could eat together some good food and relax in a cosy place. Inspired by the history of our region, we created a restaurant with a very intriguing atmosphere.

During your first visit (and you are going to visit us more than once, believe us!) you will discover not only the best burgers with the best ingredients, wonderful and perfectly grilled food but other delicacies as well. We don’t intend to brag now but it turns out we are the only restaurant in Cieszyn that prepares burgers with the use of our own grill. Once you try them, you will get pampered by their unique taste.

Our menu dishes for the gourmets can be combined with delicious beverages to quench your thirst. Adults are offered some interesting kinds of beer from the local Cieszyn Brewery, wines and Irish Whiskey

Thanks to WiFi access and a glass window overlooking the centre – the main square, Burger Brothers is a perfect place to enjoy your meal with family and friends, an ideal spot for business lunch and a wonderful idea to start your day in Cieszyn.

Check out our menu and see the abundance of meals and beverages we offer.

Cieszyn is one of the oldest towns in Poland. It has a very long and interesting history. Luckily, the town was not severely damaged during the World War II. Thanks to it, numerous historic buildings were preserved. There is something for everyone here.

Locally sourced produce

Fresh baked buns

Ground beef on the table with other ingredients for recipe.

Freshly ground beef
from a local supplier

We start with natural premium beef. We grind our beef in-house fresh daily, sear it to order with our secret blend of seasonings, top it with delicious ingredients and locally sourced produce (in season) and pile it all on fresh baked buns delivered daily from a Somerlik bakery.

E-mail : info@burger-brothers.pl

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